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If you purchase an HP Care Pack during the warranty period, then HP Care Pack will upgrade your warranty coverage by providing you extra services such as free technical phone support to remotely troubleshoot any issue, free pick up of your device for repair, free repair or replacement and, finally, free return service. Once your standard warranty expires, HP Care Pack will also extend your warranty coverage for the time remaining of your HP Care Pack.

You will receive a confirmation email after you purchase an HP Care Pack with all the information you need in case of your product has a defect or malfunction.

HP Care Pack purchased during the warranty period: Coverage begins on the day your factory warranty expires. For example, you install your HP product on 1/1/2019 and purchase a +1 year HP Care Pack on 15/1/2019, the coverage period will be 1/1/2020 through 31/12/2020. This is based on a factory warranty of 1 year. Please note that factory warranty varies per country. If you are unsure about your factory warranty, please look up if your device is in warranty:

HP Care Pack purchased after your warranty has expired: Coverage begins on the day you purchase your HP Care Pack. For example if your factory warranty expires on 31/12/2019 and you purchase a one year Post Warranty Care Pack on 31/4/2020, your new HP Care Pack extension will be valid from 31/4/2020 through 31/4/2021.

  • Peace of Mind: You get immediate access to extra coverage services beyond those offered by your factory warranty. Also, by investing in HP Care Pack now you can forget about unexpected costs in the future once your factory warranty expires.

  • No unexpected costs: HP replacements and repairs of physical parts can be expensive if you are out of warranty. For example, a hard drive failure – while rare- can cost in some cases close to half of the price of your device.

  • It is easy!: Purchase online and you will not need to register your HP Care Pack; HP does it for you. You will receive a confirmation email after you purchase an HP Care Pack with all the information you need in case of a device failure.

  • No hassle: If you have a problem with your device, just call HP’s Technical Support Centre, share your HP Care Pack number with the technician and get instant issue troubleshooting or arrange for a repair service if necessary, including pick up and return of your device at no additional costs - shipping included!

HP Care Pack covers:

  • Telephone troubleshooting & diagnosis by certified, experienced HP technical agents.

  • Support for software bundled with the HP product at the time of delivery, including installation & set-up and configuration, error messages and isolating software usage problems.

  • In case of product failure due to hardware malfunction or other product defects, HP Care Pack services provide product pick-up and return to the address of your choice, including transportation and labor.

You can check the HP Care Pack terms & conditions here for United Kingdom and here for Ireland.

HP Care Pack support services do not cover any damage or failure caused by:

  • Failure or functional limitations of any non-HP software or product impacting systems receiving HP Care Pack support service.

  • Modifications or improper system maintenance or calibration not performed by HP or authorized by HP.

  • Abuse, neglect, accident, fire or water damage, electrical disturbances, transportation by anyone other than HP or any causes beyond HP’s control.

  • Malware (e.g. Virus, worm, etc.) not introduced by HP.

  • Damages caused by non HP genuine inks

You can check the HP Care Pack terms & conditions for United Kingdom here and for Ireland here.

HP Care Pack covers only sealed (non-customer replaceable) batteries.

If you buy your HP Care Pack via Best2Serve, you don't need to activate your HP Care Pack yourself – we do it for you. Once your order is confirmed, HP's admin team will register your HP Care Pack and send you an e-mail within the next 2 business days of your order with your registration information and with all information you need to contact HP in case of any issues with your product. Once you receive the registration information via email, your HP Care Pack has been activated by us.

The price of your HP Care Pack depends on which type of HP computer or printer you own, as well as the length of the HP Care Pack you choose. We would need your product number in order to check the different Care Packs you are eligible for and, consequently, tell you the prices of the different options. For best money value, HP always recommends choosing the maximum number of protection years.

If you are not sure about your eligibility, please enter your product number in the search box of this page and the system will return the different HP Care Pack options you are entitled to. If you are not entitled to any HP Care Pack but have a device failure and need HP Support, you can purchase HP Technical Phone Support in order to get instant issue troubleshooting remotely.

Care Packs are limited to the country of purchase. In the event that a covered product changes location, registration (or a proper adjustment to existing HP registration) is to occur within 10 days of the change. This can be requested by customers who have active Care Packs purchased through Best2Serve.

* European countries where HP is represented are: the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland.

Yes, HP Care Pack doesn't cover accidental damage, such as falling, spillage of liquids or electrical damage.

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